Online Help - This Turn

The this turn screen shows you what roster moves, etc you have done in the current turn. Gameplans and Depth chart changes are not shown in the this turn screen, but will still be included in your turn file. It is from this screen that you create your turn file too.

The screen will list out any orders that you have done so far this turn. These include:

  • Waivering players.
  • Renumbering players.
  • Offering a player a contract.
  • Offering a team a trade.
  • Rejecting a trade.
  • Accepting a trade.
  • Hiring a scout.
  • Releasing a scout.
  • Training Camp orders.
  • Moving players to your reserve roster.
  • Activating players from your reserve roster.
  • Moving players to your injured reserve roster.
  • Renegotiating a players contract.
  • Giving a player extra training.
  • Changing the position of a player.
  • Naming your Franchise player.
  • Arranging a friendly.
  • Players weekly training.
  • Extending a scouts contract.
  • Scouting a player.
  • Hall of Fame voting.
  • All Pro voting.


    To undo one of the commands you have done this turn simply highlight the command in the list and click on the Undo Command button. The command will be reversed.


    If your team is no longer in the playoffs or in the Non-Playoff cup then you can arrange a friendly with another team in the same situation. Click on this button to take you to the Arrange Friendly screen.


    After the draft is over you have the oppertunity to vote players to the Hall of Fame screen


    When you are ready to create your turn file click on the CREATE TURN button.

    At this stage, if there are any problems with your roster or a requirement has not been completed for the current turn then you are informed and the turn file will not be created.

    If you have not made any roster moves for the week then a message will be displayed informing you that no roster moves have been made and asking if you wish to continue. If this is correct then click on YES to proceed.


    Once the turn has been completed a message will be displayed telling you that the file has been created and asks if you would like to upload this to the server.

    If you click on YES the software will try to establish an FTP connection with our server and upload your turn file.

    *** NOTE : You may experience issues with firewall software preventing the upload. Please configure your firewall software to accept the UserNZ.exe for internet access or email the turn file to us. ***

    If you do not upload the turn file you will need to email this to us. Make a note of the turn filename. This can be found in the Neutral Zone folder. From the Main Menu click on the eMail button and attach the turn file to the email as a file attachment before sending it to us.