Online Help - Statistics Menu

You have access to all the statistical information from the statistics menu screen. From the statistics menu you will be able to select the following :


View individual statistics for all the major categorys. You can view statistics for pre-season, regular season, post season, Championship game and All-Pro game.

Career Statistics

View individual career statistics for all the major categorys. You can view career statistics for pre-season, regular season and post season.

Team Statistics

Shows team statistics in major categories for both offense and defense. This screen lets you analyse a teams statistics and see where the weaknesses are (if any!).


This screen lets you view the standings for all the divisions in the Neutral Zone league, vital for checking up on the playoff race!!

Historical Statistics

This screen shows the overall W-L-D of a team along with how many division titles, playoff appearances and championships each team has.


Allows you to view each teams single game and season records. League records are also shown in this screen.

Head To Head

Shows you the head-to-head record for Pre Season, Regular Season and Post Season between any team.

Past Champions

Lists the headcoaches who have won the Neutral Zone championship along with the losing coach for each season.

Hall Of Fame

This screen shows you all the players who have been inducted into the Neutral Zone Hall Of Fame.

Power Rankings

After a few weeks of the regular season Power Rankings are created for each team. This screen shows the current power rankings of a team.