Online Help - Scouted Players

The scouted players screen lists all the players that your team has scouted. Players are listed with the scout who you used to scout them. You can filter the list by player position or by the scout used to do the scouting.

By clicking on the scout hyperlink when you have selected a scout from the scout filter dropdown will take you to the scout details screen where you can see how good the scout is.

Player Details

Double clicking on a player in the list, or selecting the PLAYER DETAILS button will open the player details screen where you can see the scouts report on the players attributes.

Player Statistics

Highlighting a player and clicking the PLAYER STATS button will show you that players individual statistics.

Scout Players

Clicking on the scout players button when you have a scout will open the scout players screen. From there you can order scout up to 5 players per scout each turn.