Online Help - Roster Management

The Roster Management Screen is the screen that you will become most familiar with in Neutral Zone. The screen initially shows you your roster details but is also a powerfull search engine, allowing you to filter the player list to show you anything from Free Agents to Rookies in the upcomming draft.

The details listed for each player are as follows :-

  • ID       - The players game ID. Each player has his own individual ID.
  • Ros      - The players roster number.
  • Pos      - The players position.
  • Name     - The players name.
  • Team     - The players current team (F.A - Free Agent, Dra - In Draft)
  • Ht       - The players height, shown in feet-inches.
  • Wt       - The player weight in pounds (lbs.).
  • College  - One of the world's colleges the player played at.
  • How Aqu  - How the player was aquired.
  • Inj      - If the player is injured then the number of weeks he is out is shown.
  • Contract - How many seasons the player has left on his contract (includes current season).
  • Salary   - The players current salary (if applicable).
  • Rate     - The players current game rating (out of 100).

    Clicking on the a list heading will sort the list by that category. Just under the list is a check box titled "2nd Sort By Rate". If this is checked then the list will sort by player rating (decending) as a 2nd sort criteria.

    By Clicking on a Player name you will have access to various Roster Player Commands where you can View Stats, Waiver, Offer Contracts and much more.

    You may also highlight a player, or players and click on the Offer Trade button to offer these players to another team for a trade in the offer trade screen.