Online Help - Main Menu

The Main Menu is where you start from in Neutral Zone Front Office. From here you control your team and your turn. At the bottom of the screen details of the headcoach, league and current turn are given. By ticking the 'News Ticker' option, news from last weeks turn will scroll across the top of the menu.

The menu options you have from the Main Menu are as follows :-

Player Menu

The Player menu screen is where you handle almost everything to do with your players. From this screen you can :-

  • View any teams roster.
  • View waivers, free agents or rookies in upcomming drafts.
  • View player attributes and statistics.
  • Sign, waiver and renegotiate with players.
  • Use your scout to evaluate players.
  • Move players to reserve roster/injured reserve.
  • View Injured players.
  • View Team's top players.
  • List the leagues retired players.
  • Get scouts reports on players.
  • Trade Desk

    All trading events are handled from here. You can :-

  • List your players you are willing to trade.
  • View the list of players others are willing to trade.
  • View the list of players you are looking to aquire.
  • Offer a trade to another team.
  • Accept/Reject trades offered to you.
  • View the trade history of the league.
  • List contact infromation for all headcoaches in the league.
  • Scout players.
  • Gameplan Menu

    This is where you will draw up your gameplan for each game. From this menu you can :-

  • Setup game conditions.
  • Setup 2 point coversion attempts.
  • Determine gameplan distances.
  • Create Offense/Defense gameplans for each game condition.
  • Analyse how well a play does using play statistics.
  • Depth Chart

    The Depth Chart screen will let you enter the depth of each position for the next game. From this screen you can :-

  • Enter depth for Offense/Defense/Special Teams.
  • Assign position depth to gameplan conditions.
  • Have the computer Auto Fill Depth, Auto Fill Remaining Depth, or Auto Fill Position.
  • Scouting

    Scouts have an important part to play in Neutral Zone. They will offer you information on players, opposition teams and weather conditions. From the scouting screen you can :-

  • Hire/Fire Scouts.
  • Scout opposition gameplan tendencies.
  • Obtain a roster strength comparison of your team against any team in the league.
  • Predict weather conditions for your next game.
  • Get your scouts predicted draft picks.
  • Statistics Menu

    You can access a wide range of statistical information for the current and previous seasons from this screen. These include :-

  • Individual Statistics.
  • Individual Career Statistics.
  • Team Statistics.
  • Team Standings.
  • Team Historical Statistics.
  • Single Game/Season Records.
  • Past Champions.
  • Team Head-to-Head Statistics.
  • Players Voted to the Hall Of Fame.
  • News

    These screens allow you to :-

  • View league news for current and past seasons.
  • View turn file news for the last turn.
  • Accounts

    The accounts screen lets you :-

  • View total player salaries for any team.
  • View current salary cap information.
  • See how near the salary cap any team is.
  • Draft Menu

    When it comes to the Draft, you will need these features which include :-

  • Assign Player Lists or Criteria to each of your draft picks.
  • View the current draft order.
  • Get a complete history of the draft.
  • Training Menu

    Training is the where your teams players will improve their skills and Free Agents will try to improve enough for you to keep them on your roster. From the menu you can :-

  • Train your players in Skill, Speed, Strength and Stamina.
  • Give players extra training in the 4 attributes.
  • Convert players to other positions.
  • Give players weekly training during the season.
  • Schedule Menu

    From the schedule menu you can :-

  • View weekly/team schedules.
  • View game commentrary/stats.
  • This Turn

    This screen lists all turn movements you have done this turn and allows you to :-

  • View Turn Moves.
  • Undo Turn Moves.
  • Create your turn file.
  • Upload your turn file to the Neutral Zone Server.
  • Vote for All-Pro and Hall Of Fame players.
  • League News Site

    If the league you are competing in has a website for news set up for it then this buttong will open your broser and navigate to that news site.

    Game FAQ

    This button will open your browser and navigate to the Game frequently asked questions page.


    This will open your browser and navigate to the league homepage.

    eMail League

    This button should open your eMail client and populate the To field with the league eMail address ready for you to send an eMail.

    Check For Updates

    Clicking the Check For Updates button will run the Neutral Zone Updater. This will attempt to connect to the Neutral Zone Server and check if there are any turnfile, or history file, updates for your league.

    *** NOTE : Your system's firewall may prevent you connecting to your Neutral Zone Server, please check the setup for your firewall if this happens. ***