Online Help - Gameplan Menu

The Gameplan Menu is where you draw out your battle plan for the upcomming game. You will be able to specify which plays you will use in situations for both offense and defense. You can also create special Conditions which will make your gampleans more advanced.


The gameplan screen is where you will enter the plays for your team for both offense and defense. You can save and load these gameplans and set up seperate gameplans for different conditions.

Two Point Setup

The two point setup screen allows you to set when your team should attempt two point conversions.


The conditions screen lets you maintain any special game conditions that you create for use with your gameplan and depth chart.


The distances screen allows you to set up your preffered distances for short, medium and long yardage as well as setting the maximum field goal attempt length your kicker will try in normal conditions.

Play Statistics

The play statistics screen allows you to look at how well each of your plays has done on both offense and defense over the course of the season.