Online Help - Draft Menu

The Draft Menu is where you will set up everything to do with your drafting of rookies. For more information on the Draft see the How To Draft section which will explain what you need to set up each of your draft picks.

Current Order

The Current Order screen shows you what the current order of drafting is at any time of the season. It is very useful when planning your draft as you can see which teams will get to pick before you.

Draft Picks

The Draft Picks screen gives you a list of all your teams current draft picks.

Draft History

From the Draft History screen you can see which teams drafted which players during the history of the game. You can view players details and statistics to see how they have got on in the league since being drafted.

Draft List/Criteria

The Draft List/Criteria screen allows you to set up Draft Lists and Draft Criteria which you can then attach to any of your draft picks.

Draft Setup

Using Draft Setup you can set up each of your individual picks by adding either Draft Lists, Draft Critera or Pick Best Player criteria to each one of your draft picks.