Online Help - Depth Chart

The depth chart screen is where you set up your teams roster depth. It is where you list the players, in starting order, for each position on Offense, Defense or Special Teams.

The main grid on the screen shows you your current team depth. The numbers at the top of the list show the order the players are used in a game, with No. 1 always being starters. It is important not only to list your starters, but to also list your backup players in your depth chart too.

Using The Depth Chart

To use the depth chart you must first select the type of depth chart that you want to change, from Offense, Defense or Special Teams. You can also attach depth information to a gameplan condition by selecting the condition from the condition dropdown.

To fill a specific position you double click on the position in the main list. The bottom left list box will now fill up with all avalible players on your roster who can play at the chosen position. Right clicking on one of these players will show you his details.

You now have to add the players you want, in depth order to the list on the bottom right. To do this click on the ADD button or double click on a player in the avalible list. The player selected will be added to the depth order list.

When you are happy with your depth press the OK button. If you have made a mistake click on the CANCEL button to return to your previous depth.

Auto Filling

The depth chart screen also has the option of letting the computer Auto-Fill your depth chart. It can either fill the entire depth chart, fill the remaining slots with backups, etc or just fill a single position.

Auto Fill All

Clicking on Auto Fill All will let the computer fill all your depth chart information based on player ratings.

Auto Fill Remaining

Clicking on Auro Fill Remaining will let the computer fill any remaining slots that you have not filled with players. This is handy if you want to fill backup slots,etc as you can just add your starters to the depth chart and then select this option to fill the backups.

Auto Fill Position

By highlighing a position and selecting this option the computer can fill a specific position in your depth chart for you.