Online Help - Player Personality

Source      - Neutral Zone Football PBeM
Contributor - Chris Sadler

You can all take a look at a player, judge him by his rating or how high/low his stats bars are for SKILL, SPEED, STRENGTH and STAMINA. These are important as they let you know what type of football player you have on your roster.

However, each player has his own personality which also take effect on their life in a Neutral Zone league. A player has a number of hidden attributes which are used to judge how a player copes in certain circumstances, and how he will act on and off the field. While these attributes are not as influencial as SKILL, SPEED, STRENGTH, etc, they are also thrown into the mix when simulating games, or offering contracts.

These human attritbutes are used in Neutral Zones "Personality Matrix" which is a complex code routine the software has which looks at how each one of your players on your roster has an effect on all the others. A player could lift the spirits of his team mates, make others less greedy, lead them on the field. Or a player could upset some members of his team, loose his temper, speak out against members of his team and discourage others around him.

Over the course of time you will be able to work out the personalities of your players through their actions in negotiations, their spirit on the field and through news articles that your league administrator writes leaving subtle clues as to the players attributes in these areas. You may also instruct your scout to report on players in the league.

By studying the news you can pick up on these clues. For instance, if a player is involved in a criminal event off the field then it could be that he is not the most decent of people. This in turn may mean that he could be making members of the team unhappy. Of course the player in question may be fine, but has been influenced by another memeber of the team to act this way.

Off field events in the news do not change the way a player performs on the field, however a player speaking out, or getting caught up in a scandal may affect the morale of a few other players in your roster who do not agree with what that player has done. Of course a player who is seen in a positive light in the news can also raise the morale of a team and inspire players, especially younger players who look up to him.

Remember : The Neutral Zone World is not limited to the field of play, you may have to make decisions on events that happen off the field.