Online Help - Folder Structure

It is important that you as a user of Neutral Zone Front Office understand the basic principles of the files and folder structure of the program.

The folder structure of Neutral Zone will look something like this :-

            +LEAGUE ???

League Folder

This is the main folder and is commonly reffered to as the Neutral Zone Folder. The main executable file is found here, as are the databases used in the program. The main files are :-

  • UserNZ.exe        - The Neutral Zone Front Office program executable.
  • Players1.mdb      - Player database.
  • Office1.mdb       - Office database.
  • Comment1.mdb      - Commentary database.
  • Comment2.mdb      - Database used to update the main commentary database each turn.
  • PlayStats1.mdb    - Play statistics database.
  • PlayStats2.mdb    - Database used to update the main play statistics database each turn.
  • Turn1.mdb         - Turn database.
  • News1.mdb         - News database.
  • News1.mdb         - Datbase used to update the main news database each turn.
  • Retirements.mdb   - Retirements database.
  • League_ID.txt     - A file which identifies the league you are competing in.
  • Password File     - Your team specific password file.
  • The contents of each turn .ZIP file you download must be extracted to this folder overwriting any files. Each turn file updates the databases so your Front Office software is always kept up to date.

    The password file supplied to you by your league administrator should also be saved to this folder.

    Gameplan Folder

    The files contained in the Offense and Defense sections of the Gameplan folder are bitmaps (*.bmp) files which graphically show each of the plays in Neutral Zone. The plays themselves are stored in database tables.

    Graphics Folder

    The Graphics folder contains bitmap (*.bmp) files which the program requires to run correctly.

    History Folder

    The History folder is very important. At the end of each year a copy of the databases is created by your league administrator and placed in a seperate downloadable .ZIP file. The contents of these files are extracted to the Neutral Zone History folder. The Front Office Software uses this directory to display such things as historical statistics for players, historical commentary, etc.