The Neutral Zone leagues that are currently running are as follows:

Flagship LeagueSeason 31, Turn 32 : All Pro Game
League OneSeason 14, Turn 11 : Week 2
League ThreeSeason 12, Turn 29 : Conference Championships
League FiveSeason 23, Turn 1 : Draft Round 1


The following teams are currently vacant in Neutral Zone. Click on a team for more details or to sign up to the game.

League One
Gothenburg GriffinsSign Up
Los Angeles AssasinsSign Up
Monaco MonarchsSign Up
Munich MissilesSign Up
New York MinnowsSign Up
Normandy InvasionSign Up
Palermo PiratesSign Up
Romsey RapidsSign Up
Tennessee TigersSign Up
League Three
Aberdeen HighlandersSign Up
Codsall ColtsSign Up
Glasgow DestroyersSign Up
London LionsSign Up
Putney PaladinsSign Up
League Five
Chicago OutlawsSign Up
Gobi HordesSign Up
Kent KnightsSign Up
Seychelles SeashellsSign Up
South Coast SeahawksSign Up
Tijuana ChillipeppersSign Up