Neutral Zone Football is a free American Football simulation where you take charge as a headcoach and general manager of a team. You compete in a league of 30 teams all competing for the championship. Coaches use the free Front Office Software to make all their roster moves, aquire free agents, draft players, gameplan for the next opponent, train players, view statistics, game reports and much more. For more information on the software please read the online help.

Neutral Zone operates on a weekly turn basis. Using the Front Office software you complete your orders for a turn. A text file is then created. This is either uploaded to our server by the software, or you can email it to us to reach us for the turn deadline. We will then process all the turns we have received and the results will be emailed out to all the coaches.  At this time new databases will be available to download to your PC.  These update the Front Office Software with the new results and information ready for you to submit your next turn.

There are 30 Weekly Turns in a Neutral Zone Season. The game is free. Join A League Now...


1). Create your turn file using our custom software.
2). Upload or Email your turn file to our server.
3). GM will process orders weekly at the turn deadline.
4). The latest databases will be made available on our server.
5). An email will be sent to you with the turn results.
6). Download the latest turn file databases to update your software ready for the next turn.